On The Rise: Mav The Scholar

March 29, 2017

So for those that are encountering your music today what key facts would you like people to know about you?


I would like them to know that every song is better than the last, I'm always learning and growing as an artist and as a person. I'm from Northern Virginia just a kid with dreams and just chasing what I love. I don't want to be labeled as a rapper just an artist. I produce, write, rap, sing, etc and just a well rounded artist. I'm coast to coast attending Marymount California University and I'm a film major, a lot of people don't know that film is another passion of mine and I want to do it all from music to film.


Of course because you can never stop improving and perfecting your craft, we get it!

And by film do you mean you want to eventually direct?


Yeah totally I want to do it all, from screen writing, script writing, pre and post production, direct and act. In that order as well. While making music at the same time. It's going to be an awesome ride for sure.


Thats gonna dope, congrats! Things are really starting to look up for you, we can't wait to see you evolve!With that being said what can we expect from you in the next 12 months?


I really appreciate that! I can't wait to see myself evolve and continue to evolve! You guys can expect a lot of new music for sure. There's been a project in the making since I released my last project "Above The Rest" in December, the project is untitled at the moment, it's expected release date is end of July. Expect true stories, college stories and how i felt during that time and as well as chill wavy vibes. I am human and do have feelings so have to lay it down and create a body of work that explains those feelings and just tells a story. In the meantime there will be a few singles released that range from all kinds of vibes. Music videos are also in the picture and are coming soon! You guys can expect a lot of music in the coming months as there is a lot in the vault and can't wait to share it all with you guys!


Solid fam, sounds like the fans will definitely finally be fed and we'll be sure to feature all of it right here!

Who would you say you have drawn inspiration from over the years? Musicians or otherwise.


A lot of my inspiration comes from real experiences and things I've lived and learned along the years. Key musicians that inspire me are Jon Bellion, I've been a fan since his project t

Translations Through Speakers, fan of how he creates everything and he approaches things, from production to writing to laying it all down , 2am Club, they're not together anymore but have had a great move on me, Marc E Bassy, been a fan since the start, from 2am Club to his first solo record Chemical High, Jared Evan, Dean's List now known as Kings Dead, G Eazy, Skizzy Mars and a few others. All of these great musicians are the ones that are great idols I look up to in the music world and just inspire. I use these inspirations as a platform and create my own unique sound.


Amazing artists right there, we've always digged 2am Club especially the songs Evidence and Walk You Home..instant classics.

Also if any of you out there don't know The Dean's List now known as The King's Dead go check em out they're the real OG's of this sound!

But back to you do you have a stage name besides Alan Rovira because we see that your Twitter handle is ItsTheScholar?

Also what was the first live show you went to and what has been your favorite since?


Yeah actually my stage name is MAV The Scholar, I made the decision to just keep my real name on Twitter and not have to put my stage name or create another account , and just combine both my personal life and artist life. My first ever live show was a Jared Evan concert back in 2014 in DC at U Street Music Hall. It was unbelievable , I went with my middle brother, we are both fans and couldn't believe we were there. The whole show felt personal since it was a small venue and actually got to talk to Jared after the show and it was crazy. I went to his NYC show last year I believe,  and ever since then we've stayed in contact and would love to make something happen with him in the near future. I've only been to three concerts in my life , I know that's embarrassing haha but I do have a goal to go to a lot more for sure. I went to two Jared Evan concerts and saw my homies C-Trox and Ryan Oakes live. My favorite was Jared Evan since he's for sure one of my idols and I still remember those two shows like it was yesterday. But seeing my boys C-Trox and Ryan Oakes was pretty awesome and made me want to do live shows and perform in front of my peers. That's a goal I want to make happen soon.


Gotcha & MAV The Scholar where did you come up with that name from?

And that'd be amazing, could that possibly be a feature on this album?

Also S/O to the homies C-Trox and Ryan Oakes they're putting some really dope music out there as well!

Where would you most like to perform if you had the chance to?


The name started out as MAV , came up with it junior year in high school, it stood for "mainly all visions", the meaning behind it was that I was a kid with a lot of dreams and visions i wanted to accomplish , then senior year I took music serious and really wanted to give my stage name more personality and added The Scholar, MAV The Scholar, a scholar of life scholar of the game always learning new things everyday and that's been my name since. My buddies out in California gave me the idea of a name change and proposed that I take out MAV and keep The Scholar. We'll see about that for sure , but for now it's staying as MAV The Scholar. That Jared Evan feature could be a possibility , really want to make it happen so we'll see what happens. Yeah those two are the homies! 

If I had the chance I would love to perform at The Fillmore, would love to have a lot of my peers in VA to come out and vibe out and would be a dope first show!


What a unique name, that's an amazing back story behind that, thanks for sharing! And The Fillmore so much history there, would be such an honor for you we're sure!

Okay a few rapid fire questions and we'll finish this up!

When we say hero, who comes to mind?


I really appreciate that! It would be a memory of a lifetime to be among that history and get a chance to perform there. A Hero, well that title goes to my parents and family for all of their support! To my mom and dad who support me in everything and anything I do, for always guiding me and always being there. To my two older brothers who support me and always have my back. I look up to both my mom and dad and my two older brothers. One day I will give it all back to them, they deserve the world and more. I'm happy and grateful to have them in my life.


Blood will always be thicker than water and it's very admirable that you are so humbled by them and we know eventually you'll be able to pay them back for all their support whether that be from music, film, or both!

What would you say your most prized possession is and why?


Exactly,  I'm truly humble and always will be. My most prized possession is my guitar, my oldest brother gave me my first guitar for Christmas when I was 6 years old and that's how it all started, the passion for music. I still have that guitar and still play it to this day!


Well there goes that question, we were just about to ask what started your passion for music but your guitar has solved that mystery, it's crazy how music can change you!

And lastly when we say comfort food what comes to mind?


Just from that guitar, a whole world was opened up, the world of music. Well since I'm Latino, Honduran and Panamanian, comfort for me would be typical plates from either country and I love that I'm a part of those cultures. But on the other side, Italian food has my heart as well, it's truly one of my weaknesses haha


Multi-cultural as well man who knew there were so many different sides to you!

Pasta will always be GOAT, can't go wrong! In closing is there anything else that you want people to know that we might've missed?


Yeah haha I'm one of a kind for sure! Just want to say I appreciate all the love and support and just can't wait to share all the new music with everyone. Getting philosophical here but do you, do you no matter what, do what you love,  look out see your dreams and go after them. Find your passion and live it! Much love!


We'll definitely be on the lookout for the new vibes and it's only up from here for you fam, stay as grounded as you are and nothing will stop you.

Inspirational advice, couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Thank you for your time, it was truly an honor getting to know you!






MAV The Scholar


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