November 15, 2017


1. Welcome Home - Introduction. No music, very Childish Gambino-esque in effects. Can’t say how effective this is until I listen to the rest of the project.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​---/10.0


2. Suburbia - I like this one. Combining the aesthetic of both singing and rapping, and to good effect. The production only seems to aid both. On top of this, the sound itself is unique.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​8.0/10.0


3. Prestige Worldwide - Definitely a long one, but an interesting one at that. Tapping the efforts of Andrew Restrepo, the duo go on to paint pictures of the optimism that fuels their respective dreams. From a lyrical standpoint I’m all for this one, but from a structural standpoint I honestly feel this has enough material to be broken up into two different yet quality tracks.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​7.5/10.0


4. C.F.O.B.D - Personal favorite so far. (City Full Of Broken Dreams) → for those of you who can’t put ideas together. Anyway, this whole hazy half singing/rapping technique Jerah seems to turn to is definitely his strongest suit. I don’t know who worked production for this particular track, but kudos to them as well. One of the better songs you’ll hear this year.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​9.5/10.0


5. Circle - A slightly different vibe from the tracks preceding, the production is a little more upbeat. The lyrics are introspective, witty, but definitely honest. Definitely a raw song, I think the only thing that holds this song from being stronger is the production the more I listen to it. Don’t think the lyrics/melodies match up as good as they could.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​6.5/10.0


6. Missed Calls - W A V Y. Again, a depth of talent from Jerah Niks is something to take note of. Production, lyrics, melody. Then to incorporate it into a trap song without compromising any is impressive. Man’s got a hit on his hands with this one.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​9.5/10.0


7. Deep End Interlude - Short and sweet, and from a melodic standpoint this is spot on. I think this would’ve sounded MUCH stronger if the effects were played with a little bit. Slowed a little and given the hazy vibe that the man uses so well, I think it would’ve fit the mold of the project that much better. BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​7.5/10.0


8. PCH - I like this one because, once again, it’s different. Honestly, take away the preceding context that is the above 7 tracks, I probably wouldn’t like this track much. But knowing exactly what this man is capable of adds so much respect to records like this. Not particularly my taste, but a good track all the same.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​9.0/10.0


9. Early Morning Flow - Quite simply a good ass track. Short, precise, but doesn’t lack quality. Jerah can’t seem to miss.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​9.0/10.0


10. Nightmares - Points for starting off a track with a Gucci sample. The Gucci sample of Gucci samples. Equally impressed with the flow on this track. As a listener and maker of music myself, I have a solid understanding of when flows sound forced, and this track might be the most natural sounding one yet. Well done.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​8.5/10.0


11. Fashion (XLIX) - From the name and style of the song, I assume this was influenced by A$AP Rocky. The song itself is a good one, but I think this was the wrong choice to end the album with. Doesn’t really echo the overarching theme of the project to me. Would’ve been perfect if it was swapped with a different track on the project. Good track, bad placement.

BANGER​ ​REVIEW:​ ​8.0/10.0


Before listening to this project I was warned that it could possibly get my highest ratings yet. Unfortunately, that caused me to listen to this project with a much more critical ear than I do most. Fortunately, this project didn’t disappoint. This is MILES ahead of the projects I’ve heard from artists at Nik’s level. I’m most impressed with the fact that none of these tracks sound like fillers. Because they aren’t. I was a little annoyed that some of the tracks got so long, but once you listen, it’s definitely worth it. There’s raw talent within his general rapping abilities, an ear for complete melody, and a respected desire for experimentation. Suburbia is a fantastic project, and for the modern day listener, you’ll definitely find something you love on here. Look out for Jerah Niks.


BANGER​ OVERALL ​REVIEW:​ ​9.5/10.0🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



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