Jerah Niks (BOTD On The Rise Interview)

December 1, 2017



1. Why Music?

-I never been a big talker and growing up in an environment like mine, it's easy to use both as an excuse to act out irrationally and get involved with the wrong crowd. I just gravitated towards writing as a kid because it was my way of letting out anger and frustration, which led to me taking up poetry, which eventually turned into song lyrics.

2. Just finished listening to your project, Suburbia. What do you think was the most difficult track to make on there?

-I'd have to say C.F.O.B.D. I have at least 4 different demos of that song. I ended up taking aspects of each version and rewriting it to make the final copy of it.

3. You both rap and sing flawlessly. If we had to make you pick one, what are you going with, and why?

-That's a tough one, I can freestyle melodies and harmonic songs better than I can freestyle rap. But I'm going with rap just because there's no boundaries to the amount of emotion you can lace a track with.

4. You have 24 hours to make a hit record. Biggest one of your life. You can be locked in the studio with 2 artists of your choosing? They are...?

-Easy. Frank Ocean and Kanye West.

5. Describe your sound using only three words.

-Raw. Precise. Waves.

6. Does your location have any influence on your sound? If so, how?

-Sadly no, we have 2 artists strongly known out of my area right now Anderson .Paak and KYLE. Everyone except maybe 3 other local artists have a Drill/Trap sound. I'm a product of what I spent most of my life listening to really.

7. What’s the most fun part of being an artist?

-Just being able to make something out of nothing. I see & hear everything differently than my peers so I feel like that plays the biggest role in my versatility as an artist.

8. Describe your creative process.

-I usually start off with watching an interview of my inspirations, then I either start cooking up a beat or start freestyling ideas for a song. It's crazy because when I actually write, I don't make any sounds, I just write in silence and when I know I have my verses & hook done I cut it and the songs complete.

9. We know you’ve got some bars in you. Give us one of your own personal favorite bars!

-Not necessarily my hardest bar, but this is one of the ones that really speak to me (Off C.F.O.B.D) "This that 08' Maui Wowie Praise to Cud I'm In the Zone, Mom I Made It Through the Rain I Wish California Snowed"

10. Gimme a day in the life of Jerah Niks.

-Depends on the day, but I wake up drink water or tea, eat breakfast. Get my Keyboard & Maschine Mikro and go into Kenno Basement. I usually spend 10-15 hours in there chopping up samples, writing, and watching Boondocks/Rick and Morty or Everyday Struggle on my laptop. If I'm preparing for a show I hit our rehearsals studio out in LA with the squad and we practice for our set. Every day is repetitive but this will get me to where I want to be in the future.



Watch out for a surprise sometime in January from Jerah on our site...



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