BANGER EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Fabian Secon

January 19, 2018


1. Why Music? 


It's the thing I'm most passionate about and the best at to be honest. I know I am talented enough to do something big so it just makes sense. 


2. Just finished listening your song, Blood Kisses, have to say I’m really impressed! Describe the making of that song? 


Thank you. I just made the beat one day in my kitchen and left it for a few days. Then put the melodies down on another day, some words and there we have it. I guess I wanted to go for a haunting sensual sound, so it had both beauty and horror. 


3. Punk trap. Interesting combination. Break that down for me. How’d you find yourself in that realm, and is that the only way you’d ID your sound? 


I labeled the track as that, just because of its experimental feel. It has like a rebellious edge to it so that's why I gave it that, the energy of the track just made me think of it. 

I like to use different influences in my music but no I'd say that's just one side of it.


4. You have 24 hours to make a hit record. Biggest one of your life. You can be locked in the studio with 2 artists of your choosing? They are...? 


Post Malone & Future. 


5. Describe your sound using only three words.


Moody, Ethereal, Calming.

6. If you had to pick an a popular song to listen to for a day straight, what is it? 


Eminem - The Way I Am


7. What’s the most fun part of being an artist?


Being able to create whatever you want to and having people actually listen really. 

8. Describe your creative process?


I either have the beat or I make it myself. Melodies first then concept for the song then the words. Then record when it's all done. 

9. What do you feel you contribute to music?


Consistent quality with my music and a uniqueness. A real artist not just one song. 

10. Gimme a day in the life of Fabian Secon.


Really I'm just either with my girlfriend, friends or family, doing music or playing/watching football. Nothing exciting ha. 

Awesome thank you very much for your time and we can't wait to see what you've got planned for the future..big things no doubt!


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