February 14, 2018


1. Hold On

Starting out the project strong with some acoustic guitar a la early 2000's vibe.

Then we get some what seems like xylophone and the hook which match perfectly!

This song is about holding on to a past love, we've all been there.

The lyrics and flow are a bit basic in rhyme scheme and delivery but they still connect.

This chorus sounds like something straight out of Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill, really feeling it.



2. Only One

Sheesh that beat drop is something special!

Again the bars seem very juvenile and simple in the sense that don't really invoke any emotion when said.

But as DLZ continues to work on his flows and diction, that'll come with time!

But he's 2 for 2 on choruses, whoever's singing is on some William Bolton right now.

Second verse is much stronger because he switched flows halfway through and really attacked it.



3. Broke

Switching up the vibes at the mid-way point of the project with a mellowed out instrumental and some chopped up vocals.

The mixing seems a bit off on the verses, doesn't sound as clean i could but hes definitely keeping it real.

Talking about being a good person every step of the way, which we need more of not just in hip hop but life in general.

The overall theme of this one is always remaining you through the obstacles you face day to day, ever let them "break" you.



4. AZ(Interlude)

This interlude had everything from snaps, hand claps, and some crazy keys playing in the heart of the song.

Would've loved to hear some singing from him on this, think it would've fit in really well!

Nonetheless, this production is wavy as hell.



5. Don't Wake Me Up

We start out hearing a girl singing and then the bass drops and it's a whole new song..the energy is showing!

"Mind is fragile, I can't take this."

The flow seemed too slow for the energy that was brought from the production, but still a dope song!

The line "don't wake me up until I've made it" is very true..

We wish we could just sleep wake up and our dreams came true.

But sadly that doesn't happen..it takes hard work and patience.



6. Burned Out

Getting ominous outer space vibes and another A1 hook!

He came out swinging on that first verse, best one of the whole tape so far.

Second verse same thing, you can hear the anger and anguish in his voice which is what connects the most for us.

Hands down, most well rounded song on 'Divine'.





Overall: 7.5/10🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


This was our first time ever hearing DLZ and 'Divine' was a solid introduction!

Wasn't too short or too long but 6 tracks was the perfect length.

His production and knack for picking out hooks that will resonate and hit home is on point!

The only thing that seemed to be lacking on here was the emotion invoking words that really grip you and make you want to not stop listening. We got a glimpse of that on the last track 'Burned Out' where he spilled his heart onto the paper and you could truly feel the pain.

What we would like to see more of in the future is more variety in flows and delivery so he can start to make his own stamp on hip hop and stand out.

We definitely will be tuned into see how his sound will evolve and watch him continue to grow as an artist!

The Massachusetts influence is no doubt there as we can hear the Cam Meekins/Sammy Adams type of flow and feel to his music! 

We're excited to see what the future holds for him because his storytelling on here was 'Divine.'




Leave a comment below of what you think fam.



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