February 27, 2018



1. 0000 (Heartthrob Motel) ft Parallelephants

Starting off the album with some MBDTF Ye vibes.

Parallelephants pair sonically well with Deezie's rawness.

Pusha T type feel to this first verse with even "devil in disguise" and "shit's ridiculous" lines!

Beat switched up into a crazy guitar solo going back into the Parallelphants' vocals.



2. Nicotine

We had a car start in the last song, now this one seems like a helicopter..executed perfectly!

Sounds like something straight out of a Terminator scene, especially with the robotic voices.

The build up is real, 'Nicotine' is a goo name because I'm hooked.

Best way to describe this is if Daft Punk made alternative hip hop, amazing!

Just wish there was more Deezie on this one to be honest.



3. 1-800 HOMEWRECKER (Interlude)

This one sounds like a continuation of Nicotine, but with bars off the bat!

The hook is catchy as hell "I'm only gonna break your heart again."

Imagine being in Texas during the year 3000, this is the future wave.



4. A-V-Entador To The Hills 

The artwork alone is a cinematic piece of art but the song's hard hitting flow matches the intensity of the cover art. 

Deezie blends a Travis Scott vibe with Denzel Curry hype but with his own twist of lyrical bars that we can't get enough of!

Catch us in the 'Hills' bumping this one.



5. Sheepskin/Shayne

The sheep samples in the background are fire, sounds like something is disturbing their peace!

"Looking for Judith, tell me have you seen her?" our first real reference to what the album's named after.

Favorite line from the song is hands down "sheepskin coat cover up every scar!

The energy on this is next level.

Then it transitions into 'Shayne' which has a vintage polarizing feel to it, something GOOD Music would do!



6. Roadkill ft Proz Taylor

Synthesized trumpets setting the scene for this next act in the Judith movie.

Back with the tenacious Pusha T delivery, this is that triumphant music!

"I hope God save me a spot in the kingdom even if I wanna pass through Hell to see it close!" SHEESH.

Outrun your problems with this on as you're cruising the freeway.

Only the second feature on the tape, that's rare.

Proz Taylor continues the Ye' interpolations, part of a common theme heard throughout the first half of this album.

Ending with wolves howling, unreal who does that..major props!



7. Anna Wintour Every Winter

Starting off with some reversed beat and going right into a dope rhyme scheme and flow!

The "bruh bruhs" are on point.

"Top down in the winter, that's what winners do." This is facts, they do what they want no matter the season.

Getting a ScHoolboy Q-esque vibe from the verses with Desiigner's energy in the chorus!

These long outros are Deezie's signature, you never know what you'll get next..

Ended with the cold wind blowing.


8. I Fell in Love in a Two Seater

With La Flame ad libs and hard hitting 808's this is the most epic banger you'll hear all day..scratch that all damn month.

Everything about this banger is a movie, from the angels singing to the!

This is the musical equivalent of 5 hour energy, impossible to get hype too!

Our first ever "perfect" song..10 out of 10 easily.



9. Toast to Balenciaga Before You Go ft Parallelephants

Eerie beat with some high class bars...that beat drop just shattered my life!

Could easily see Ye and Travis Scott making this but thank God Deezie did because there's a lot of substance in here.

Solid "Piss On Your Grave" reference.

"I'm not hating on you, I just can't relate with the load that you carry."

A lot of Jesus related words too, like that one and "marinate your flesh."

No one uses the words Deezie does. huge another strength of his!

Parallelephants to Deezie Brown are what Bon Iver is to Yeezy on MBDTF.




10. Drive (Extended Cut)

Very abstract start, and now it's hella funky!

Bass line is brazy, this sounds like something straight out of a dream wow..

Every single song, takes you on an adventure and this one makes it feel like you're flying!

Can't wait to go for a drive to this one, that's gonna be one helluva trip.

The layering here is just incredible, and there's the car start again!



11. Heartbreak in My 700s ft R.A.N.D.

Last one we we're flying now we're actually in outer space wave running across the sky..but in the 80's.

Just close your eyes and let Deezie take you away, the vocoder usage is just right here sets the tone!

Ending sounds like light beams blasting off.



12. Horsepower

These last 3 songs feel like a completely different world, now we're chillin' with the aliens in the sky.

Whew...he just said "she ahead of the game, she a Lewinsky!" The savagery.

Was that a Chauncey Billups and Last Supper in the same bar!?

Wow...what an ending to my favorite most unique album in a long time!









Overall: 8.5/10🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Where do we even begin with this absolute masterpiece of an album 'Judith.'

Deezie Brown is one the most thought provoking, fresh minded, musical talents that we have heard in Hip Hop in a minute.

We referenced him to Kanye West, Travis Scott, Pusha T, and even ScHoolboy Q because creatively is on that tier.

From the crazy one liners, to the ad lids, and his ear for production making sure every song is literally straight out of a movie.

That speaks volumes to his work ethic and what he can do for the music industry, not what the music industry can for him.

Truly believe, this rising Texas hip hop artist is the next big superstar and exactly what the culture needs.

Because let's be honest everyone has dumbed down their lyrics and gotten lazy, but this gem is a breath of fresh air in the game.

There is no reason that Deezie Brown can't be the next generation Kanye West..he has everything he needs to ascend him to that level.

This is only the beginning, he'll be at SXSW in March where he'll finally be able to bless everyone with his art and instantly become fans!

His music is so damn good that we never even got to mention that all of his covers for his singles and album are 1 of 1 acrylic pieces made especially for him.

Scroll down to see the custom artworks including animals with a foreign car in nature, hella abstract!

The album cover for 'Judith' is Deezie riding on the back of bike driven by Jesus..can you get anymore badass than that?

Just know that Deezie is about to blow and don't say BOTD didn't break the news first..because we've been supporting him from the start. 




Leave a comment below of what you think fam.


Judith Album Cover:

 I Fell in Love in a Two Seater Single Artwork:

 Anna Wintour Every Winter Single Artwork:

 Sheepskin/Shayne Single Artwork: 

 A-V-Entador In The Hills:




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