March 8, 2018


1. In The Bag

Starting out of the gates with some triumphant sounding A$AP Rocky type production!

First verse comes through and the bars that hit the most were "I will never back down, no I'll never back out."

Hella inspiring hearing about someone's roots because you get to learn their struggle and grow with them a las Russ or NF!

Solid first track, he's got this "in the bag!"




2. Face

Getting an ominous almost eerie feeling from the jump off this one!

Yup, I was right...a news report sample just came through talking about bath salts.

This is about to get very dark and almost early Tyler The Creator-esque..

Flow for days...sheeesh, Inswain snapped on this insane track!

This ish is boomin, wasn't sure at first but he killed it!




3. Real Rap Pt 2

Now we've got some old jazzy boom bap production for this next cut!

Fitting title, every song has had a unique sound to it..never know what's next!

"They taking shots, you better box out." dope basketball reference that has to do with the tape's theme!

Hmm not too sure about this one though, felt like it never got going really?

Delivery or something was just a bit off, still was quality though!




4. Run Up The Score

Laid back and synthesized with a tropical tinge to it, hooked for sure!

Could easily see Post Malone making a song to this beat, this is catchy.

A bit too much auto-tune and certain words too often but damn this banger is easy to get lost in!

Easily best song off the tape, songs with tropical influences can do wrong.






Overall: 7.5/10🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


For our first time ever hearing of Inswain an upcoming hip hop artist from Massachusetts we got to see all different sides of him except the romantic.

But with grind to shine songs like 'In the Bag' we got to see into a small glimpse of what actually made him who he is today.

Then there's the just plain ignant turn tf up banger 'Face' which has a very Lil Pump feel to it energy wise!

The only downfall of this project was the lack of direction or concept.

Granted it was only 4 songs, they didn't really seem to be connected besides for the fact they were on the same EP.

Also the use of auto-tune is nice in certain places artistically but can really bring down a song if used too much throughout!

Can't wait to hear more songs like 'Run Up The Score' which was the standout track off of this tape, hands down.

He's got the rapping skills easily, just needs to work on the hooks and how to develop his songs further!

But as of now he has all the makings to become a mix of Lil Dicky's delivery with Mac Miller's wordplay and cadences, we'll definitely keep you updated on him soon!




Leave a comment below of what you think fam.



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