BANGER EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Grant Evans

April 23, 2018


1. Why Music?


Music is an emotional outlet for me.

It helps me express my feelings when I have zero words to use.

It lets me become who Grant Evans really is.

My name is Grant Evans and I’m 19 years old.

I am music producer from California.

How I got into music was when I was a freshman in high school, one of my carpool buddies would habitually listen to music on the way to school.

The more we rode together, the more I became curious as to why he listened to music that was unoriginal and uninspiring.

This made me reflect on the state of the current music industry.

To me, most of today’s music is primarily noise made up of heavy base, discordant, atonal compositions that have a constant background of sizzling top hat and incessant bashing of drums.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I became to try to produce my own style of music.

Today, people have connected with my music through feelings.

My goal is to make people feel like they are not alone.

I just want people to know that there is so much love in the world and I hope my music can take you to that path.


2. Can't lie, Think Again is our favorite song by you with Let Go easily a close second! Describe the making of that song?


When creating 'Think Again', “Jeffery I’m Here” and I were dealing with girl drama. We were sick and tired of the drama so we expressed our annoyances with the song.

As for 'Let Go', I was just messing around making a beat and then found random acapella vocals online that actually went very well on the beat I made.


3. What are your future plans as far as new music and possibly touring?


Yeah, I have a new single called “HEARTBREAK & BAD SHAPE” (feat Ten Diamonds and Joneflexx) that drops on April 25, 2018.

Also, have a new EP that I am dropping in the summer called “Buried Life: Été D’amour”.

I’m really excited about this EP because it gives you an insight on who I am and what I am all about.

Also, producing my boy EMERY's project that will drop later in the summer.

For touring, I don’t have anything planned yet.  


4. You have 24 hours to make a hit record. Biggest one of your life. You can be locked in the studio with 2 artists of your choosing? They are...?


Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean would be two people I would want to collaborate with on a song.

I feel that they would bring two different unique sounds, which would create an amazing song.

Cudi would bring the dark experience of Pop, Rock, Indie, and Alternative genres. As well as Ocean would bring soul to his work. I would bring the funk and groove from my beats.


5. Describe your sound using only three words.


Unique, Real and Raw.


6. If you had to pick a popular song to listen to for a day straight, what is it?  


“Imagine” by John Lennon.


7. What’s the most fun part of being an artist?


To connect with people, whether its other artist, producers or even fans.

I love when I’m with people who have the same passion as I do and want to change the world with their music. Another cool part is inspiring fans.

I have had fans in the past, who told me that my music inspires them to follow their dream and never to give up.

That’s what I love about being an artist.   


8. Describe your creative process?


I use my feelings to help me create music.

However I am feeling that day, I will make a beat.

I just put my feelings into the beats.

I am awful describing how I am feeling with words, so I use music instead.

I always start with playing on the piano when making my music.

The piano is such a beautiful instrument that can create sound many type of feelings.

I do not know how to play the piano tho.

I have zero music theory, so I use my ear for everything I make.

After I get a chord progression down, I usually build off from it.  


9. What do you feel you contribute to music?


I bring a lot of raw sounds to my work, I think that is the one big difference between me and these other producers.

I will not release anything, unless I feel like it is meaningful.

I think my fans appreciate the feelings that my music generates.


10. Gimme a day in the life of Grant Evans.


Well, I’m in college at the moment. I go to classes, study and then make music.
To be real, all I ever want to do is make music.

I love music so fucking much that I would marry it.

It’s the only thing that hasn’t let me down.

I also, hang with friends and like to go explore new things

. I usually will take my OP-1 and sample the live sounds that are surrounding me.


11. Who would you say you have drawn inspiration from over the years? Musicians or otherwise.          


I would say Skizzy Mars and John Lennon are the two-main people who inspired me.

I started listening to the Beatles when I was young but really connected with Lennon.

Everything he talked about in his songs connected with me and I’m all about spreading love.

Skizzy Mars on the other hand is the reason why I started producing music.

The first song I ever heard by him was “Numb”.

That song as well as his other song, “Moments” really just started this spark inside my body to make music.

Skizzy was different from the mainstream artist and did what he wanted to do.

I have a lot of respect for the guy.


12. What was your turning/breaking point when you knew you wanted to do music for a career?


That’s actually a hard question, I would say when I did a song called “Four Seasons” featuring Young Lungs.

But really it would probably be when I went down to LA this October to meet up with one of my closest friends “teddybear”.  

When Young Lungs, finished recording his part on four seasons, and sent the song back to me.

I was so thrilled to hear what he sung on it and he did an amazing job.

I never been more excited in my life when it comes to making music.

But teddybear is what really inspired me to take music seriously as a career.

The guy took me under his wing and showed me the ropes, so shout out to “Uncle T” (my nickname for teddybear).


13. What do you want your legacy in music to be when it's all said and done?


Honestly, I just want my legacy to be to inspiring people to follow their dreams. Don’t listen to anyone who is going to be negative.

There will be non-believers and haters down the road but that should motivate you to not stop.

I started producing music after my junior year in high school.

My whole life most people have told me that I will not make it but now I’m proving them wrong.

If you work hard and never give up, I swear to you the world is yours.

It is all about dedication.


Follow him IG & Twitter at ProdGrantEvans







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