June 28, 2018


1. Why Music?

Because selling custom boondoggle keychains didn’t work out


2. Good Thing is easily our favorite song by you with Green Tea being a close second! Describe the making of that song?

Effortless. Went into the studio with the idea for the hook & it turned into this sexy modernized jazzy tune. 


3. What are your future plans as far as new music and possibly touring?

I’m finally making music that I wanna make so expect more of that touring will happen sooner than you think!


4. You have 24 hours to make a hit record. Biggest one of your life. You can be locked in the studio with 2 artists of your choosing? They are...?

Can I pick 3? John Mayer, Billie Holiday & Eminem. Can you imagine what that would sound like?


5. Describe your sound using only three words.

Modern, vintage, sexy.


6. If you had to pick a popular song to listen to for a day straight, what is it?

Timeless song - That’s Life by Frank Sinatra

Popular song - Perfect Places by Lorde


7. What’s the most fun part of being an artist?

Being able to express myself HOWEVER I want.


8. Describe your creative process?

I love getting on the mic and singing whatever comes to mind. I’m better when I don’t think too much. 


9. What do you feel you contribute to music?

Honesty & vulnerability. Singing the words that people don’t want to say out loud & letting them know it’s okay to be who you are and what you feel.


10. Gimme a day in the life of Love, Alexa.

Living, writing, living, writing, sipping green tea during the day & red wine at night.


11. Who would you say you have drawn inspiration from over the years? Musicians or otherwise.

I love pop culture from all eras starting with the 20’s, anything visually and sonically appealing.

I’ve been gaining more inspiration lately from listening to people’s experiences & lives.

There is so much to be learned & seen.


12. What do you want your legacy in music to be when it's all said and done?

She used her voice & words to comfort troubled souls including her own.


Go follow her on Instagram at Love, Alexa!

And go stream her amazing new EP 'Dear You...'  below!





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