Terrence615 - DIVE

August 19, 2018




New EP from Terrence615! Here's what the Nashville artist had to say about this project:


"Terrence takes a different turn tapping into a deeper more transparent side that will demolish any prior, stereotypical, connotations about the artist. Smoothly mixed by Nashville producer/engineer DUB3030, the 5-track project is saturated with rippling vocal effects lying in between self-reflective, summer inspired melodies. Evenly balanced by spaced out guitar rhythms, lucid synths, and catchy piano notes, DIVE is intended to influence listeners to dig into their true feelings and embrace originality."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Chill EP overall! Put this on and just relax...


Favorite Tracks: 'See Side,' 'Crew Blues,' 'NSYNC'




- Benny P

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