chandler juliet - Burning Sage

September 1, 2018


New Chandler Juliet! Here's what the artist had to say about the project:

" 'Burning Sage' is groovy, guitar-based tune backed with a bouncy hip-hop beat and an infectious hook, that Juliet hopes will calm and vibe with its listeners. Although much different from her past collaborations, Chandler Juliet is blossoming with this solo track displaying her rootsy authenticity, both lyrically and sonically."


Definitely felt the bounce on this track!


Lyrics We Like: "Now I’m feeling better, even though I know that this feeling won’t last forever, I tapped into a space, I found an escape, that I can come back to any time I want, just for a moment I can put this down, just for a moment drown these voices out"



- Benny P

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