Vinny Virgo - Misery (feat. Black Freckles)

September 13, 2018




Here's some info surrounding this cut from Vinny Virgo himself: 

"This album to me is about my journey of ups and downs, wins and losses in daily life and also life as an artist over the last few years and my ability to still find the love and beauty in everything and just living in the moment and having a great time but knowing when to stop and think also. A glance at both sides of the coin."


Life truly is a balance. Lotta clarity on this joint! Love to Union Beats. 


Lyrics We Like: "Lost my watch in '96 and I've been timeless ever since, but really time is a facade, in my mind it don't exist"



- Benny P


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December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

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