Casey Reynolds ft. Szarko - Act Like That

April 16, 2019


If you ain't ready for summer yet, well you're gonna be feeling the heat after listening to Casey Reynolds latest 'Act Like That!' He took a homey acoustic feel and introduced it to a breezy pop sound that we're all gonna be blasting all season long! Casey plunges into the story of none other than messing with the typical LA girl and the chaos that comes with it.


We could tell the song was a banger right away as his first line starts "Are you an actress or a singer, or a model," because we all know if you walk up to a girl in LA and ask what she does, there's a ninety percent chance it's one of those, if not all three. The chorus then takes us to that beachy bonfire mood as he hits those melodies and "why you trying to act so bad" starts up. Szarko then chimes in with pure gold as he pulls out his fire line "loving you ain't easy, honestly it really hurts. You lost in LA it's the Hollywood curse." This is one we're gonna be blazing all summer '19.


Lyrics That Stick:


"Is there something there cause I swear I'm feeling hollow."



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