MostlyEverything ft. Vito - Where You Go?

April 16, 2019


Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and dive into MostlyEverything's new drop 'Where You Go?' Our interpretation of this one was a sense of distraction the artist was feeling when around others, while he admits he's sorry but focused on bigger things. The constant question of "where you go?" comes up from the people surrounding him as he responds "I'm not trying to talk right now it's getting hard to hear, it's kinda loud in here, money all up in my ear."


Then Vito arrives laying down his killer line "lay in my bed to the sound of the waves go through my mentions. Almost like I don't know your game, what's your intentions." They both straight up killed it with this exhilarating, alternative smash, while also reminding us to watch who we trust!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Been here from the start but now you're colder than the Catskill's. Baby where your heart go? Hurt too bad for Advil."



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