JOHN.k - if we never met EP

May 2, 2019


Do you feel the heat yet? Because you will after listening to the short, but oh so fucking sweet EP 'if we never met!' That perfect combination of a summer dubstep rave with a chill acoustic night is what JOHN.k served us in this dish. Each song breezed through the next like they were made for each other! Try not to jive with this one, we promise you it can't be done!


We're gonna be real for a minute, it was SO difficult choosing a favorite from this EP, buttt since we had to it's only right to go with 'if we never met!' We took special notice to this one, given it's the title of the EP and rightfully so, it's killer! This was the only song that contrasted from the rest, lowering the vibes down to a steady chill. So many of us go through the "what ifs" constantly and JOHN.k truly shows how that would turn his 

Iife upside down in this song. And to that we can say, 'it all happened for a reason!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"I love it when the only light is me, you and the moon."



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