Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler - Brent EP



Two of our favorites came together and made some magic! 'Brent' gives us some of those late night soothing sounds from both Zucker and Cutler squeezed into a nice five song EP! The pair really displayed their range and the authenticity of their vocals in this one that is really so different than the other songs these artists usually bring. 'Brent' was divvied up perfectly by giving each artist their own solo song and having them create three others together! 


Y'all already know we we're loving 'you were good to me' when we got a taste of this EP a few weeks ago! So our other favorite we chose featuring both artists was 'hello old friend," which was the only song that contained more of a high energy feel! Check the effects they used for the vocals in this one, very unique, it grew on us quick! 'Scared' by Zucker also took us by surprise, we already knew how impressive he was but yet again Zucker astonished our ears! After finishing up 'Brent,' we have to say we would be SOOO cool with another collab by these two!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I see oceans in your eyes, it makes me scared."



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