REALLIFEALWAYS gets deep into his thoughts and feelings about 'LIFE' in this one! The three song EP gave a peaceful aura in each song, transitioning smoothly! He did a great job of moving the energy from the first song to the last, helping us listeners energy progress with it. We appreciated how he built up the hook in 'Unsure,' giving it such a unique feel by the time the hook took off!


We took special notice to 'Hard for me,' the last song on the EP! It contained such a catchy hook and harmonies that'll wow! "I make up my lack of common sense, with zealous over confidence," we loved this first line of the hook. Don't we all throw in a little confidence to mask the quirks at times?


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'll take my last breath, I'll walk my last steps, if it means I can feel again."



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