Gallo - Analog Cinema Album


If there's one thing you do today, it should be to listen to Gallo's new album 'Analog Cinema!' Each one of these hits throughout the album contained an immense amount of energy that we absorbed right away! You'll feel yourself jiving as soon as 'Goliath' starts up and just wait till you reach 'Sears Point.' This artist gave us that Mike Stud sound, especially in 'Lifestyle,' we recognized while having a higher pitched tone. We took notice of all those special sounds Gallo incorporated throughout the instrumentals that add that special, little touch! Can we also recognize the dope artists he featured in his songs, we can tell he took his sweet time making this album a masterpiece!


'Lifestyle' really caught our attention on this album, we were driven by the overall catchiness that was brought from this song. As soon as the hook starts up with "you know you can do much better than you're doing right now," we basked in the intricate flow he used. Close your eyes while throwing this song on and picture kicking back, having a summer full of memories. Gallo, along with Tailz and Drummxnd know how to put a hit smash together and they proved it with this vibe!


Lyrics That Stick:


"What goes around, comes around. Yeah it's coming right back to you, some say, some say."



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