Jordan Mitchell - XXVII EP


Jordan Mitchell gave us that instant gratification of knowing we found a real star on the rise, listen to his 'XXVII' EP and you'll know exactly what we're talking about. He gives us the same aura that Andy Grammer and Mike Posner give while still maintaining this sense of rasp in his voice that's catchy as fuck! As the EP progressed we sensed that his sound was progressing as well, and we saw the vast capability this artist contains, can we even categorize him? We think not! "Think you got me figured out, but girl you don't know about me," whoever you were talking about in 'U Don't Know' we resonate because we thought we had you figured out as well. Spoiler, we didn't. Not even close.


Smack dab in the middle 'Right Where I Want You' lays and it is so worth the wait! The way Jordan's flow progressed as the song hits its power is so great it's haunting. The sound effects and harmonies he delicately placed in the background of the song were taken into account and very much appreciated, adding that touch the song needed. He turns this song into a story by itself by giving the rising actions, climax and resolution within the music itself! We left that song feeling just as bad as Jordan, as though we can have anyone "right where we want" them!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Baby I got you where I want you, lately I've been doing what I want to."



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