Brendan Bennett - Kids Wear Crowns EP


Brendan gave us a little bit of sadness, boldness and arrogance while being so damn relatable in every song! 'Long Year' started us off with him in his most vulnerable state and how he got up after being so lost. He then finished off the EP with the title 'Kids Wear Crowns' which symbolized his journey from the beginning and how he feels about himself now. He even foreshadows his last song in 'Long Year' by saying "Cause even in the dark times the kids wear crowns, everything is all right." A crown displays the feelings of royalty and power, hence ending on top from a long ass year! 


Why are all our favorites smack dab in the middle of the EP? 'Wasted Time' is a real banger, meaning you could literally play this song anywhere! Bennett brings in Supa Bwe which adds this whole Lil Wayne- esque to the feel. His chorus was perfectly put together as he belts "I'm just trying to forget you, but I can't get you off my mind." It's as though he meshed the modern sad boy sound with an alternative, punk ambience. Bennett took the crown and deserves it because he's a damn King!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Why you actin up, gave you all of me and you had enough."



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