Johnny 2 Phones - 21 ft. Souly Had & MostlyEverything (Music Video)


Johnny 2 Phones, Souly Had and MostlyEverything came together and made a hit about all '21' girls that have have blowing them up. The video started out with each of them pausing and smiling at the camera giving off the old time 'Full House' vibe. They then proceeded to show Johnny's date and how off it was the entire time, but it's cool because he has twenty other girls to his expense! Souly Had had us from the start with his killer hook, setting the tone immediately. MostlyEverything then come in with their verses killing it and completing the song with those harmonics! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"And I've been all by myself, just trying to make this shit work out, hoping that something would help."

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