Kayden - Beginnings (Album Review)


Kayden brought us a whole lot of passion in this album, with an easy-going happy feel perfect for the season. He brings us a lot of emotion in this one relating to love and all that it encompasses. The album had a solid run of upbeat, feel good energy until it reached 'Useless' where Kayden experiences a love that he has to fight for. 'Beginnings' is such a clever title for the album, given he is going through all the firsts within love as the album progresses. 


But our favorite track 'Brand New' stood out from the album the most, as he used a very unique beat that we took notice to right away. In this song he builds the verses up with such delicate rawness. He then charges during the hook, having the perfect sense of what we yearn for, a instant memorable connection. It's the Kayden we all know and adore but bringing us a 'Brand New' flavor to his music!


Lyrics That Stick:


"If there's any chance I could make it all better, I'd hope that you'd give it to me."



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