Clksdntwrk - 3:28 AM


Next time it's '3:38 AM' and you're tossing, turning, and can't fall asleep, try turning on Clksdntwrk's current smash! Seems as if he has a lot to think about in the first verse as he's pointing out the facts of his broken relationship and how it's pointless to stay together. He uses a very simple, drawn, lethargic instrumental that relates to the thought process he's going through and the time ticking away as it prolongs. As the verse switched up and started building, we noticed the topic switched from his relationship to Clksdntwrk's internal conflicts as well. It really doesn't matter what time it is, throw on this banger and be prepared to be hypnotized!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Haven't slept for some time, somewhere in between lines. Is it problems I'm facing or is it all in my mind."



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