Jerome - Therapy ft. Lakeith Rashad


We all need 'Therapy' at times, but Jerome's type of 'Therapy' will cure you real quick! He's getting deep in more than one way describing how hypnotizing and foolproof his girl's 'Therapy' is. Lakeith Rashad sings it out in the chorus making her body sound like the perfect remedy for all his worries. When something sounds so good, especially the way these two word it how could you not be obsessed. It's a miracle, because Jerome is feeling way better and is addicted to her love, sounds like he's tying it down and has found the ultimate antidote!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And girl I fight for what I love so Imma fight for you.  Even if it's wrong for me, I'll always do what's right for you."



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