NF - The Search(Music Video)

June 3, 2019

 If you're "searching" for some clean new raps then look no further because NF just dropped off his new bar-filled banger 'The Search.' The dark visuals give it a very eerie aesthetic that makes wherever he's at feel very desolate and remote. Most rappers ask if want you want a ride in their Lambos but not NF he's more of "ayy girl, wanna ride in my shopping cart it's environmentally friendly."


Now he didn't really say all that but that's the exact vibe he gave off on this triumphant return to our site!

What's most admirable about NF is that he plays by his own rules and knows he can take down the competition without even using a curse word.

Dare we out Eminem because we might've found your protege finally.


Lyrics That Stick:


"OCD, tryna push my buttons. I said, "Don't touch it!" Now y'all done it."


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