Abstract & JONNY KOCH- Hear She Lies EP


As soon as we saw the EP's title 'Hear She Lies' we noticed immediately that these three songs were gonna be compacted with ALL heartbreak. 'For You,' the first song on the EP hit hard as Abstract and JONNY KOCH explain how one person's love is just too pure and filled and it just can't be reciprocated with the wrong person. The title not only gives a hint of what the EP entails but also a connotation that something has died, FYI their relationship. The songs not only talk about the end of the relationship, but the emotional journey that one faces afterward as well.


We thought 'Honest' contained the best usage of depth within the lyrics. Abstract really digs and comes to the surface with all the thoughts and emotions he's been facing. It was brutal honesty in it's the most artistic form. He brings up the fact that he knows his worth and even though he's been through it, he'll rise! For all those cheated, lied to or betrayed 'Hear She Lies,' the EP you've been longing for!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Go and see me on the TV, on the radio too. You gonna be reminded of the man you used."



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