Kiana Ledé - Myself EP

 Can we just take a moment to appreciate Kiana Ledé and her sultry vocals she spilled all over her latest EP! The first three songs on the EP 'Can I,' 'Shawty' and 'Bouncin'  rose our spirits and the last three brought us down to a nice chilll.


We all have been jiving to 'EX' the last song on the EP for a while now and when we heard that back in 2018 we just knew we found a gem! Kiana is really displaying her range and more of herself in 'Myself'... obviously, and we've come to adore her!


The way Kiana structured 'Shawty' was so brilliantly made we fell for it as soon as the hook rung in our ears! The way she lingered the endings of each line has our jaws dropping.


We love the positive, bouncy aspect to the song and the Kehlani- esque to it! Well, if it isn't clear after hearing this banger no need to fret, because Kiana will be your 'Shawty!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Put in some space to get even closer"





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January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

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