Gashi - Roses (Music Video)

  'Roses' is completely captivating and catchy, we promise it'll get stuck in your head instantly. The music video shows Gashi running through a wide field of flowers, as the wind carries him away. Gashi describes his love and how he struggles with infidelity and keeps claiming to make it up to her... but what do you get a girl who doesn't like 'Roses?'


The overall song is so electrifying as he goes through their history and how much it actually means to him, but he can't seem to stay loyal. 'Roses' will make you overthink everything as he Gashi take you through his own self battle. Red, white or yellow it really doesn't matter what color they are because the girl just doesn't like 'Roses.'


Lyrics That Stick:


"She's like a melody in my head, that's what she is."



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