Nobu Sounds - Youth

 Nobu Sounds produced such a fire single along with Chris Bloom getting into the importance of 'Youth' and what it all means!


They start the song off by talking about what they do in their early adulthood and if it will cause an impact on future generations. The pressure of this topic is causing some anxiety as Bloom then starts mentioning how he just can't fade away and has to make an influence!


The stakes are high for our generation, and the idea of leaving an impression is in everyone's mind. He starts cooling off stating how he'll be living more in the moment as the song begins to finish.


Nobu Sounds and Chris Bloom really give us some perspective of how important it is to bask in the now during our golden years of 'Youth!"


Lyrics That Stick:


"So imma take it all in, while everyone's watching, try and keep myself together."





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