Ryan Oakes - MY FRIENDS

Ryan Oakes friends are living their best life, like every night is a Friday night that you gotta rewind! He starts off the song warning the girl he meets to be careful of what she wishes for when saying she wants to meet his friends, and from there it all goes downhill. Even though Oakes is persistent on avoiding her meeting his erratic group he makes their nights sound WAY too alive not to want to be involved!



With the unsure build up he portrays, leading to the forceful chorus it's hard not to wanna toss down some drinks and lose yourself for a night! We're all gonna try and meet up with Oakes 'FRIENDS', after getting amped up to this lively banger!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Then she tells me I'm awfully sober, that my drink has been stuck on a coaster and that we're only gonna get older.



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