Trent Thomas - Livin' on Top


Isn't it about time we just stop what were doing and start 'Livin' on Top?' Trent Thomas makes it sound very tempting in his new single! He is living large and doing all the things he's dreamed of, it's pretty easy to see he's all about the present! He's squeezing everything into one night, over and over because he made it possible!


The song starts out very easy and chill, but as soon and Thomas hits it only goes up from there! He makes us believe that dreams do come true, and to always aim for what drives us! Thomas is 'Livin' to live and giving us a clearer point of view within each line!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I was down in the dumps never doing what I wanted, so I hit my brothers up and they told me I really got it."



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