Luh Kel - BRB

 Alright Luh Kel, we know you said you'll be right back but will you? He's got girls all over the map shooting him DM's, texts and plane tickets to come give them some good loving! You'd think it must be hard keeping up with all these names and faces but Kel's got it locked in and rides the waves he's been given.


We actually had to look up all these area codes he's throwing at us and it seems as though he's hitting every cardinal direction and trying to take a ship and hit the islands up while he's at it! This smooth ditty is bound to have you wild out, speaking of that... 'BRB' we're gonna go blast Luh Kel's current banger!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I know that it's late, but she wanna heal all my pain."





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