Chase Atlantic - LOVE IS (NOT) EASY

 If you've been in love there's one thing you know to be true, 'LOVE IS (NOT) EASY,' Chase Atlantic turned this fact into a splendid tune! They used such a lustrous sound to end each verse and elongate it, their vocals are so angelic and we are completely taken back! They're sending us some majors Bieber- esque vibes with their pitches and the way they structured the song so eloquently. The way they incorporated the slight choir sounds to the background gave it that perfect touch as well!


This is one of those beautiful melodies you're going to want to turn on with you're significant other to set the mood and get a little carried away! Even though they are surrounding the topic of love not being easy, it's still has such a lustful sound you could easily appreciate in the feels! So we found out 'LOVE IS (NOT) EASY, but LOVING Chase Atlantic is the easiest thing we've done yet!


Lyrics That Stick:


"It's easier to say we're just friends, our generation made us that way."



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