Ryan Caraveo - Murda (Music Video)

 Okay Ryan Caraveo straight up KILLED his latest drop and we're not just saying that because it's called 'Murda!' The video was so well thought out and each scene so meticulously designed to keep our eyes strictly on the screen and never to stray away! Ryan is comparing his sus ass girl to a murderer by the ways she hides him from her personal world as if he didn't exist!


First of all, the entire formation of the song and idea behind it is so brilliant by its self, that the music video just took it to a whole other level! Caraveo is trapped and being murdered by a pretty girl within a multitude of ways whether it be drowning, hanging or straight up chopping him up, but the fact is during every scene he's so focused on the camera and each and every line, as the scenes shift and find different ways to excite! I'm starting to feel like I'm dishing the details of a great new movie, so needless to say, go and watch Ryan Caraveo's new music video 'Murda' immediately... it's too die for!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I feel like an officer, just trying to get you to cough it up. I'm sick of running these investigations on you."

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