Ryan Oakes - Life's A Bitch

 Ain't 'Life A Bitch' sometimes? I mean damn, Ryan Oakes is preaching to the fucking choir in his new music video and making it a sparkler! No, literally he is poppin in this video as he's posted up in front of a stop sign, downing what looks like a nice bottle of bubbly and feeling himself as the fireworks ignite and blow our minds!


 If we can say anything specific about this video it's the complete originality within and how absolutely Ryan Oakes it is! Yes, we're referring to Oakes in an adjective or icon sense, because he's a fucking rockstar! So, let's cheers, because at the end of the day 'Life's A Bitch!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"They try to wish you well when you get what you're wishing for."

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