foster - Love Hate

 You know those unhealthy relationships that consist of love one day and hate the next? Yeah, foster killed it in his current release 'Love Hate,' especially with that sweet line "I hate to love you, but I love to hate ya." And from that point on the song kinda repeats that line in a sense by stating all the complications in perfect rhythms throughout!


Foster ties the essence of that type of relationship and how addicting it actually is in reality, so real and so raw! When he breaks it down at the end complaining about girls who get too much attention that keep him in this cycle, it so accurately made factually and flow wise, we're still applauding! Therefore, we've decided after letting this ditty spin in our heads to bring foster all the love he deserves for this, and there's no chance you guys will hate it so that doesn't even matter!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I just have to have you, can't resist ya, maybe I'm just overly obsessed."



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