James Kaye - Coconut EP

 James Kaye is taking us to an island in this EP! 'Coconut' is so tropical and amusing, you go from full on raging to a simmer chill from one verse to the other! The actual song 'Coconut' is the first on the EP and is the perfect start to capture our attention and plunge us into James Kaye and all he has to offer!


As the EP progresses we start hearing more of James vocals and range in the various songs he has and The Weeknd- esqe sound is unreal! 'Colors' was one of our top picks as he does a perfect switch between that sweet R&B melody with the speedy flow he changes in a matter of seconds! Each song is so different from the next as he puts a twist on each one giving them there own special touch! James, you make us just want to take some time off, relax and sip on a 'Coconut' jamming out to your tunes!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Anything you need put it on me. You ain't gotta worry in the city by the beach."



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