COTIS - Patience EP

  You've all been extremely patient, and guess what... COTIS has delivered! We've been yearning for the rest of his songs since 'Prom' with the utmost 'Patience' and he's given us a whole eight songs to vibe with! He combines a techno sound to his already very unique style, and we can't get enough!


'Peace of Mind' is definitely on the peak of our favorite song on the pedestal, and it just makes your thoughts a tad clearer as you listen! The vocals are arising big time in this EP and we take notice that COTIS can in fact sing very, very well! 'Patience' is the VIBE! If you listen to just one song on this EP, make sure it's that one! He completely killed it on this one, and we saw him in his absolute element throughout this song! So, your 'Patience' has been rewarded, now go for it and stream COTIS' brand new EP!


Lyrics That Stick:


"This is what we're working for, it has to be. Throw it back for me."



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