Ryan Caraveo - Thrivin' (Music Video)

 Ryan Caraveo is making it abundantly clear, he's not in a bind and is 'Thrivin' now big time! He started the video with a bright yellow ski mask and a bag full of cash looking like he is just up to no good from the start. The quality of the video was outstanding, and the special touches they added with the shudder of the camera and Caraveo closes the car door in the beginning were on point.


Also, can we just point out how fucking adorable his dog is chillin in the front seat, loving life! Caraveo eventually sped past a cop car and gets pulled over, but he still has that smile on his face because if you haven't heard, the boy is 'Thrivin!' 


Lyrics That Stick:


"We been eatin great, mhm. Squeaky clean plates, mhm. Imma rub her, mhm. She gon' feed me grapes."

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