Alec King - Greatest Hits Vol. 2

 ATTENTION: Alec King just dropped his 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' EP and it most definitely contains some of the greatest hits we've been looking for! 'Motivation' hit the hardest for us, his authenticity and talent flow wise is so crystal clear in this song it's unreal! We had to play this song back a couple times for how truly GREAT it was!


Alec then brought in one of our very favorites Kiana Ledé and it was game over! 'Larry David' is a fun spin on a image of his actual life, because Alec King is feeling very similar! With Kiana's vocals in the mix it's a real vibe. This six song EP shows King at the peak of his pyramid, and we can confidently say Alec King, this is a collaboration of all your 'Greatest Hits!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"I feel like Larry David, she kick me to the curb. She found out I wasn't famous, ain't even eat dessert."



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