We all fall apart right? And we seem to love songs that rejoice this weird emotion of just letting it all go much like one of Post Malone's classics. Well, Eon Zero and Gage Estates came out with a brand new, fresh banger of a relationship that just couldn't hold on any longer!


Gage's harmonious vocals throughout the hook are so fucking catchy and the way he builds from that towards the end of the song to the fast paced island flow he introduced was everything! Eon introduced himself with the biggest spotlight shining down as he breaks there entire relationship to specifics and we see their whole journey in that those few verses. So if you're going to fall apart might as well get down to 'FELL APART' as you let it all go!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Kick start my heart, let it find a way to get through the pain of these long nights." 



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November 18, 2019

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