Party Favor & EZI - Be Ok - Acoustic

 This one literally touched our heart with it's vocals, airy guitar strum and the overall essence of this mesmerizing melody. If you don't know who Party Favor and EZI are, you do now because this song is going to be one of our special favorites and you will be sure to see it frequently!


  Party Favor knows exactly how to produce a symphony that touches the soul and the collaboration with EZI was like a match made in heaven! Her vocals are literally stunning and we don't emphasize that enough! 'Be Ok' is such a simple ditty that brings deep emotions to the surface with the collaboration of every ounce of vocal pitches, flows and instrumentals guiding the song along. So, if you want to feel something you never have felt before, and feel more than just OK, become entranced!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Not a word that you say will take me where I wanna go."



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