Maasho - Jackie EP

 Maasho is the latest and one of our favorite upcoming artists on the rise that we can't stop talking about! And trust us when we say you won't be able to keep his name out of your mouths as well! The Jackie EP is insane! So wonderfully made and every song killing it with that IT factor!


The second song on the EP 'Amnesia' is a complete and utter banger! This one is guaranteed to be the ditty ever fan is all over! If you're looking for some songs for the season check out 'Summer Weather' and 'Summer Loving!' Both of these have that easy to love, catchy tune we look for in this heat! 'Fresh Air' is by far the golden pick on the EP, with its breezy vocals and the way he formed the chorus to make it hit! So, let's give Jackie some credit because she inspired a EP that's literally unforgettable making Maasho is a fucking rockstar!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And I knew I loved her when she told me she liked the way my voice come out the speakers"



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