Christian French - bright side of the moon

  Christian French just released a new grouping of all our favorite singles and meshed it together in one EP! 'Bright side of the moon' is new to our ears and the first song for the listen and it's beaming! Instead of being negative and drowning in the insecurities, he's taking a look on the 'bright side of the moon' and this high paced, energy filled song will have you on such a positive note, you'll be all in!


 Along with many of our favorites, including 'head first,' 'hungover sunday' and 'breaking all the rules,' French released another new gem 'call me your love!' This song is sweet, simple and romantic without going overboard! You get that French sound we all look forward to and a new song to have on repeat for a good minute! Look on the 'bright side of the moon' and be so stoked, because French just blessed our ears yet again!


Lyrics That Stick:


"My eyes are closing. Kiss your lips I'm frozen. Caught up in your motions. Sheltered by your touch."



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