Adam Oh - Pressure EP

 The 'Pressure' is on, because Adam Oh has released his latest EP and others should beware! He speaks of the tolls he deals with daily and displays himself in a deeper sense than we've seen yet. This EP felt a little more complex than the other songs we are accustomed to from Adam Oh, and we're realizing he's broadening as the 'Popstar' he is!


 Speaking of 'Popstar,' that's the first song on the EP and Oh shows the pressures he's feeling, rising to the top! You'll really see the abstract view he was displaying the minute you start listening to this album and the mournful feelings bleeds through! 'Bad Aim' is the special tune you don't want to skip over, his flow really shines in this song and it's a banger for sure! No 'Pressure' at all! Just go right now and turn on Oh's EP immediately!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Forget I ever said I need you, I swear I'm done trying to please you."



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