Justin Starling - Decide

   Starling is back everyone and he has all these decisions that he's been pondering about! We sensed that Starling really listens to himself and his intuitions more than anything else when he's stuck and that could be saying something given his fire ass melodies! 


  He mentions his family a lot in 'Decide' and how much their opinion and love have been his main priority in life. How he'd rather have his family always over likes and fame. The beat contains such a throwback sound to it, and Starling is just such a fucking KING it's unreal! You don't even have to sit and try to 'Decide' if this is a banger you want to throw on, you already know! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"Who to trust, who to leave, at the end I be looking out for me when I can't decide."



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