Kwaku - Dominos

 If you're in the mood for that late time pizza crave, don't hit up Kwaku because he's not anyone's 'Dominos!' He has a girl that's wanting him to be at her availability, open whenever she chooses and that's just not going to work with Kwaku! We love the symbolism and clever aspect in this song that makes you stop and grin at the originality. 


  Other than this bop being a complete banger it has such a fun chorus that we can see everyone vibing to and the beat contains that confident, lively sound everybody needs in their life! Kwaku is making himself immensely clear in this single, he's not down to be anyone's 'Dominos,' Papa Johns or Little Caesars so don't even try!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Cheesin when you call, got to keep you off my plate."



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