Ryan Caraveo - Butterfly Boy (Album Review)

 We've already talked about most of the bangers on Ryan Caraveo's new album 'Butterfly Boy,' including 'Murda,' 'Thrivin' and 'Battery' but now we get the full experience. This album took a turn for our earbuds as Caraveo meshed together this futuristic sound within most of his songs and we were enlightened! 


'Bill$' had this fun, energetic energy to it that included this robotic introduction to it that was so innovative! 'Sick' was our first favorite from the beginning of the album as Caraveo used nausea as a pivotal point to infidelity in a relationship, and it was quite catchy! 'Run' happened to our newest favorite though, besides the others we've already heard in the past. There's such a monotone sound Caraveo uses that works very well throughout the chorus and is hypnotic in a way! He ends the album with 'All My Life,' this song is the ideal finishing touch we needed as he reflects on his past and allows us to see his hopes for his future. Ryan Caraveo is a true 'Butterfly Boy' and we can see how he has evolved and has soared!


Lyrics That Stick:


"People try to show me signs, I just always read them wrong."



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November 18, 2019

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