Brayden George - Honest

 Can we be 'Honest?' We are all over Brayden George's latest release 'Honest,' it's a complete vibe! It's not just an your average breakup song, he takes it way beyond that and sheds some light on breakups desperately needed during this cuffing season! Brayden let's go of all the anger and hurt he has felt throughout this endless cycle of letting go of a love after all the years that have passed.


  He shows growth and a positive outlook on being genuinely happy for someone you once cared so much for and gave this song such a diverse approach! He also paired this bittersweet symphony by adding a acoustic guitar strum throughout, to make it sound complete! Honestly, Brayden shocked us beyond belief and will shock you all with his stellar hit!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And I'm happy we can go our separate ways, and I'm happy we left out our past mistakes."



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