24kGoldn - Games On Your Phone

September 3, 2019

 The only "games" 24kGoldn's been playing lately are on our phones..literally we're listening to this on on our iPhone right now. This one right here is a certified BOTD, out this on at any pre-game and next thing you know you'll destroying the crew at BP! Omer Fedi has the secret recipe, he shreds more than shredded cheese. 


We feel like the music video to this should be an app themed game that would pop tf off.

Sugary sweet vocals mixed with some D.A got that dope and you've got yourself a slapper.

Shout out to 24kGoldn for confessing his feelings to that crush who always texts "you up?" a true hero.



Lyrics That Stick:


"Ain't a girl in the world that can make me change."




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